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Malgorzata Mazur - YOUR tour guide to Gdansk - Sopot - Gdynia - Pomerania - Poland @ Kaliningrad (Калининград) ....

Certified tour guide to GDANSK , SOPOT, GDYNIA, Pomerania - Kashubia, POLAND @ and TOUR – LEADER 

- the largest bell ringing ensemble ever gathered is 10,000 people who simultaneously rang their bells at an event held in the city of Gdansk, Poland on 31st December 2000.

I would like to present you my city and invite to see it with me.

The common name for three neighboring cities 

GDANSK, Sopot & Gdynia
is Tricity

 The Tricity is situated in Pomeranian Region on the coast of the gulf of GDANSK .

Either Gdansk Sopot and Gdynia or are surrounded by hills and forests.

GDANSK (Lat.54 about 25'N Long.18 about 39'E)  is known from many centuries and keep its atmosphere of town the where kings, merchants, artists and exiles were coming and everybody could find his small or bigger world.

SOPOT is proud of its wooden pier, open-air Forest Opera, spring of salty water and giving good rest during vacation and not only.

In GDYNIA,the modern naval port and yachting centre, is still possible to taste the nature in the Nature Reserve on moraine upland on the coast and in the neighbouring area.
 The special discounts are considered for the  STOUT people 

 Malgorzata Mazur - certified  tour guide to Gdansk, Sopot & Gdynia (incl. Museum Stutthoff, Kashubian Museum in Kartuzy, Roman Faktoria in Pruszcz Gdanski, European Solidarity Center), Emigration Museum in Gdynia, Museum of WWII in Gdansk  and tour leader.


fax: (48-58) 556 8244

mobile phone: (+48) 608 204 097

Area code:

Poland: 48  Gdansk, Sopot or Gdynia 58

prowadnik z licencjã po Gduńsku, Sopoce, Gdyni
i pilotażowe ùsłudżi
dla turistów pòjedènĉich ji w grëpach.
Jãzyk pòlsczi i anielsczi.
Certyfikowana przewodniczka
po Gdańsku, Sopocie i Gdyni oraz pilot wycieczek.

Wystawiam rachunki w ramach działalności gospodarczej.

Oprowadzam turystów indywidualnych oraz grupy w tym grupy dziecięce.

Pieszo, transportem publicznym, busikiem lub autokarem.

Posiadam również uprawnienia do oprowadzania po Muzeum II Wojny Światowej w Gdańsku,
Europejskim Centrum Solidarności
oraz Muzeum Emigracji.

Osoby puszyste otrzymują 10% rabatu na usługę przewodnicką.
Język polski i angielski.
Serdecznie zapraszam.

 Honorowym krwiodawcom 
udzielam 30% zniżki na usługę przewodnicką.
 Grupa uzyskuje 30% zniżkę, jeżeli połowa członków grupy oddała honorowo krew. Mniejsza ilość honorowych krwiodawców w grupie – mniejszy rabat


The most popular tours:
1. Medieval Gdansk - walking tour (modification on request):  

3 hours - The Royal Way (Upland Gate, Golden Gate, Dluga Street - Main Town Hall), Dlugi Targ - Artus Court, Neptune Fountain, Green Gate, Mariacka Street, St. Mary's Church, Old Crane.
4 hours - medieval part and Solidarity Square
6 hours - as 3 hours plus boat trip to Westerplatte

2. Gdansk - Oliwa - Sopot
Medieval Gdansk
(The Royal Way, St. Mary's Church, Old Crane,        
Solidarity Square,
Cathedral in Oliwa with 20 minutes organ music presentation,
Sopot - the longest wooden pier in Europe. 

6-7 hours plus breake for lunch time, if required.

3. Gdansk - Sopot - Gdynia
 Medieval Gdansk - The Royal Way, St. Mary Church, Old Crane.Oliwa Cathedral with 20 minutes organ music presentation.
Sopot - the longest wooden pier in Europe.
Gdynia - Kosciuszki Square, Warship Museum ''Blyskawica'', Feliks Nowowiejski Boulevard, harbour. 

4. Stutthoff Museum - Nazi Concentration Camp
....''Stutthof was the place where 110 000 people were kept: men, women and children; citizens of 28 countries and over 30 nationalities. Among them were also Poles, Jews, Russians, Ukrainians, White Russians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Czechs, Slovaks, Finns, Norwegians, French, Danes, Dutch, Belgs, Germans, Austrians, English, Spanish, Italians, Yugoslavs, Hungarians and Gypsies. During the imprisonment they were exposed to a number of exterminating factors such as slave-like work, malnutrition, terrible sanitation, disease, mental and physical torture. 65 000 people died as a result of exterminating living conditions as well as of executions by shooting, hanging, murdering in gas chambers by means of Cyclone B, killing by means of phenol injections into the heart, beating and torturing, and during evacuation by land and by sea''....

Żukowo - Norbertine Monastery;
Kartuzy - Cartusian Monastery;
Chmielno - pottery workshop;
Szymbark - upside house, Kashubian folklore.
Wdzydze - Skansen museum
Kluki - skansen museum
Łeba - shifting dunes
During winter time - sledging
6. Hel Peninsula
Peninsula Hel (35 km long) separates the Bay of Puck from the open Baltic Sea.


Fortification from WWII and among others SchlezwigHolstein Battery,
Oceanography Institute with seals,
Fishery Museum,
fishermen's houses from XIX century,
Fish bars and restaurants.


6. and also: Elbląg, Frombork, Kadyny and surroundings. Canal Elbląg Buczyniec - Ostróda - Elbląg.

7.  Tczew on the way.
8. Faktoria in Pruszcz Gdański- Reconstructed ancient amber trade village from the Roman period
..."Historically, Pruszcz Gdański was located at the lagoon lake, which guaranteed a direct access to the sea.  Thus, this area was one of the end points on the route connecting the Baltic amber coasts with the Roman Empire areas"...
9. On your demand extra amber shopping (at producer's prices) can be arranged. Below please find some pictures of jewelery, bags and pieces of amber with smaller inclusions.

 10.  Footbal in Gdańsk.

 PGE Arena Stadium
   To buy tickets for Lechia matches it is necessary to have Lechia Fun Club Card and to have ID document.
The formalities with Lechia Fun Club card and tickets can be arranged in the following places:

1.Arena Gdańsk (PGE Arena Stadium)
   The service point
    Pokoleń Lechii Gdańsk 1 Street
    80-560 Gdańsk
    Monday - Friday 10.00-18.00
    Saturday - Sunday 10.00-14.00
    beside the day of the match.
 2. PGE Arena Gdańsk (PGE Arena Stadium)
    Stadium Cash desk Kasy No. 1 from Żaglowa Street
3. Super Market Galeria Bałtycka
    Wyspa Lechii Gdańsk (Lechia Gdańsk Island)
    Al. Grunwaldzka 141
    80-264 Gdańsk - Wrzeszcz
    Mon - Sat 9.00-21.00
    Sun. 10.00-20.00

PGE Arena stadium
4. Super Market CH Carrefour Morena
    Wyspa Lechii Gdańsk (Lechia Gdańsk Island)
Schuberta 102 A
    80-172 Gdańsk
    Mon - Sat 9.00-21.00
 5. Super Market CH Madison
     Wyspa Lechiia Gdańsk
     Rajska 10 Street (the centre of Gdańsk)
     80-850 Gdańsk
     Mon - Sat 9.00-21.00
     Sun 10.00-20.00

  6. Hiper Market Hipermarket Real
    Wyspa Lechiia Gdańsk (Lechia Gdańsk Island)
Kołobrzeska 32 Street
    Mon - Sat. 9.00-21.00
    Sun. 10.00-20.00
7. Super Market Galeria Przymorze
    Wyspa Lechii Gdańsk (Lechia Gdańsk Island)
    Obrońców Wybrzeża 1 Street
    80-398 Gdańsk - Przymorze
    Mon - Sat 9.00-21.00
    Sun 10.00-19.00

Lechia Gdańsk stadium

11. Public transport tours around Gdańsk, to Sopot, Gdynia and other places in Pomerania and in Poland. Programmes are subject of personal agreement.

12. Tailor made tours, genealogy tours on demand.
The above mentioned tours can be modified according to your wishes and your budget. Car, van, boat or public transport according to the agreement.

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